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Jen Soucy

Mortgage Agent

I’ve had the amazing privilege of growing up in a small town but then had the opportunity to live and travel all around the world.  My parents still happily reside in Petawawa but I made southern Ontario my home during my days of attending Wilfrid Laurier University for my Bachelor degree in Psychology and then the University of Western Ontario for my Education degree.  On a whim, I chose to live in South Korea for a year to teach, which then gave me the opportunity to travel on that side of the globe. I found my way to Ottawa, which I’m happy to call home now for over 15 years.  My husband, Andrew, is my partner in all things and we are parents to five amazing children.

Growing up in a close-knit community, it goes without saying that everyone helps one another.  One thing you learn in a small town is how to be a good neighbor and in a small town everyone is your neighbor!  Travelling and teaching on the other side of the world allowed me to value diversity and to truly understand that we are all in this world together.  I also think my work with people with disabilities has given me a chance to recognize and appreciate the most vulnerable in our communities. I am passionate about people and it comes across in all that I do.  It’s important to me that borrowers understand the intricacies of finance and I put clients at ease by helping them to navigate successfully through the world of lending.

If you are looking for a mortgage agent that will listen to what you really need, will make sure you understand all of the details and will help you every step of the way on your home ownership journey, than I am the agent for you! 

Jen Soucy

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